Oxford (Wielka Brytania) fascynujące miejsce na naukę języka języka angielskiego

Creative Methodology – OEC-T
Oxford English Centre

A highly practical course for teachers of English who would like to refresh and extend their range of techniques, classroom activities and materials. The course is specially designed for teachers of teenagers and adults. It provides an extremely wide range of new ideas which can be taken away and immediately applied to the classroom. It also provides an excellent opportunity for teachers to enrich their own knowledge of English through direct contact with the language and the culture, and to exchange ideas with colleagues from other countries.

Why choose a Teacher Training Course?
- Broaden your range of teaching techniques.
- Improve your own English skills through interaction with native speakers.
- Return to your own classroom equipped with a vastly increased selection of motivating, fun, interactive, learner-centred materials and activities.

Assessment and progress
You will be given the opportunity to deliver a micro-teaching slot to your colleagues on the course. This will take place at the end of the second week and provides a wonderful opporunity for you to put into practice one or more of the techniques you have learnt on the course. Written feedback will be provided by your main course trainer.


1. Test and Interview
2. Tour of Oxford
3. Social activity -meet on the lawn

1. Multiple Intelligences and principles for lesson planning
2. Fantastic Phonemes
3. Increasing linguistic competence

1. Approaches to Teaching Grammar
2. Teaching Collocation
3. Increasing linguistic competence

1. Teaching Writing: process V product
2. The Internet: practical teaching ideas using specific websites
3. Increasing linguistic competence

1. Great ideas for motivating your students: grammar and vocabulary
2. Vocabulary: activities for aiding memorisation
3. Increasing linguistic competence

1. Film: practical ideas for using films clips in lessons
2. Fun with Phonology
3. Increasing linguistic competence

1. Teaching Listening: micro-skills
2. Exploiting songs
3. Multimedia Presentation
4. Increasing linguistic competence

1. Using Newspapers: so much more than just reading
2. IAWB: Lessons for the 21st Century
3. Increasing linguistic competence

1. Error Correction: what matters
2. Great ideas for motivating students to speak
3. Increasing linguistic competence

1. Drama: bringing English to life
2. Using Graded Readers: creating multi-skilled lessons
3. Increasing linguistic competence

Przykładowe zajęcia dodatkowe:

bowling, golf, piłka nożna

disco, karaoke, museum visits, punting, theatre or cinema visit, Christ Church College, Sports, Visit Ashmolean Museum, Carfax Tower - stunning views of Oxford, English Cream Tea, Sheldonian Theatre, Trinity College, BBQ

Cambridge *, Bath and Stonehenge *, London *, Windsor *, Harry Potter Studios *, Stratford and Warwick Castle *, Cardiff and Wales *, Liverpool and Manchester *, Paris and Disneyland *, Amsterdam and Bruges *, Scotland *

* zajęcia dodatkowo płatne


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