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Business English in Action: Advanced Skills for the DigitalAge – ALP-B
ALPHA School of English

This intensive course is designed for professionals seeking to enhance English language skills in a business context, with a focus on advanced communication in the digital age. Participants will engage in practical exercises, case studies, and simulations to develop proficiency in written and spoken English, as well as specialised skills required for effective communication in today's rapidly evolving business landscape.

This course provides participants with an immersive experience, offering the opportunity to:
- To improve ' overall proficiency in written and spoken business English.
- To equip with advanced communication skills relevant to the digital age.
- To enhance the ability to draft professional documents and engage in complex business discussions.
- To develop strategies for effective communication in virtual and global business environments.

Aimed at: professionals seeking to enhance English language skills in a business contex. You will find your laptop and/or tablet device useful when attending this course. Language level: B2.

1) Monday - Mastering Professional Email Communication
- Understand the principles of effective email communication.
- Create concise and impactful professional emails.
- Demonstrate knowledge of email etiquette and best practices
2) Tuesday - Advanced Business Writing Skills
- Develop the ability to structure complex business documents effectively.
- Enhance vocabulary skills specifically for business writing.
- Refine grammar and style in business writing for greater impact
3) Wednesday - Offsite Training Day
- Begin collecting relevant material for r persuasive presentations in the digital era
- Integrate visual aids and multimedia effectively into presentations for enhanced impact.
- Overcome language barriers to deliver persuasive presentations in diverse settings.
- Demonstrate proficiency in individual and group presentation practices.
4) Thursday - Effective Communication in Virtual Teams
- Implement strategies for successful collaboration within virtual teams.
- Recognise and navigate cross-cultural communication considerations in virtual settings.
- Adhere to virtual meeting etiquette for efficient and respectful communication.
- Engage in a simulated virtual team project to apply learned principles.
- Participate in debrief and discussions to reflect on the virtual team project experience and extract key insights.
5) Friday - Navigating Business Conversations and Negotiations
- Apply advanced conversation strategies in various business scenarios.
- Utilise negotiation language and tactics to achieve favourable outcomes.
- Effectively manage and navigate challenging business conversations.
- Engage in realistic role-play scenarios to practically apply negotiation skills.
- Showcase acquired skills and insights through, integrating material gathered during the off site training day.
- Receive constructive feedback during the presentation to further refine communication and negotiation skills.

- Course resources
- WiFi on school premises
- Europass Mobility Certificate
- Certificate of Attendance
- One off-site training day per week (including entrance ticket to one attraction: Malta National Aquarium / the Malta Experience / Malta 5D / the Domus Romana / St. Paul’s Catacombs)


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