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Recharge and Renew: Holistic Wellbeing Techniques for the Modern Professional – ALP-MW2
ALPHA School of English

In today's fast-paced professional environment, maintaining holistic wellbeing is essential for sustained success and personal fulfillment. The "Recharge and Renew" course is designed to empower modern professionals with practical techniques to enhance physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Participants will explore a range of holistic approaches aimed at rejuvenating energy, managing stress, and fostering a healthy work-life balance.

Aimed at: Educational staff. It is particularly designed for those people who lead busy and stressful lives and may be finding that their work-life balance is unbalanced. You will find your laptop and/or tablet device useful when attending this course. Language level: B1.

This course offers participants an immersive experience where participants will be given the opportunity to:
- Develop a thorough comprehension of holistic wellbeing.
- Acquire practical tools and techniques for effectively managing stress and fostering mental health.
- Cultivate a proactive approach to physical wellbeing through mindful practices.
- Strengthen emotional intelligence and resilience in addressing professional challenges.
- Foster a sustainable work-life balance, ensuring long-term success and fulfillment.

1) Monday - Foundations of Holistic Wellbeing
- Understanding the Holistic Wellbeing Model
- Identifying Personal Wellbeing Goals
- Introduction to Mindfulness and its Benefits
2) Tuesday - Stress Management Strategies
- Recognising Stress Triggers
- Stress-Reduction Techniques: Mindful Breathing, Visualisation, and Relaxation
- Developing a Personalised Stress Management Plan
3) Wednesday - Offsite Training Day focusing on Physical Wellbeing Practices
- Importance of Regular Exercise for Professionals
- Tips for Sustained Energy
4) Thursday - Emotional Intelligence and Resilience
- Understanding Emotional Intelligence
- Building Resilience in the Workplace
- Emotional Wellness Strategies
5) Friday - Cultivating Work-Life Balance
- Assessing and Adjusting Work-Life Balance
- Time Management Techniques
- Creating a Personalized Wellbeing Action Plan

- Course resources
- WiFi on school premises
- Europass Mobility Certificate
- Certificate of Attendance
- One off-site training day per week (including entrance ticket to one attraction: Malta National Aquarium / the Malta Experience / Malta 5D / the Domus Romana / St. Paul’s Catacombs)


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