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Business English Course – GVM-B
GV Malta

Our Business English courses are designed to help experienced business people, professionals and company personnel develop their ability to communicate effectively in the workplace. Students just beginning or aspiring to a career in business will also benefit from these courses.

Kindly take note that students are required to have a minimum of an intermediate (B1) English level in order to enroll in a Business English course.

Our Business English courses are specifically designed to cater to the needs of experienced business professionals and personnel, empowering them to communicate effectively in the workplace. These courses are equally beneficial for individuals who are just embarking on a career in the business world. In case you choose to take an intensive course (30 lessons/week), in addition to the comprehensive Business English course, students are provided with an additional two lessons per day, exclusively focused on further relevant aspects of Business English. This intensive program aims to:
- Boost conversational skills, listening comprehension, and speaking proficiency
- Expand business vocabulary and refine pronunciation
- Foster confidence in employing formal, professional English across various business settings
- Deepen understanding of the international Business English culture

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