poznawanie języka angielskiego na Malcie - Valletta

Maltese culture, history and art – EAS-PCA
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This course has been designed using CLIL methodology to provide teachers with an in-depth understanding of Maltese art, culture and history whilst developing their English Language skills. The course will cover significant aspects of Maltese art and insights into the history of Malta, including various epochs, influential figures, and political developments that have shaped Maltese society. The course materials and activities are thoughtfully designed to incorporate English language practice while immersing participants in the cultural and historical context of Malta. The course will include visits to various cultural sites where participants can view the art and architecture that they have learnt about that day.

1) Monday
- Introduction to the course
- The history of Malta
- Malta 5D Show: Students explore the history and culture of Malta with this unique five-dimensional experience
2) Tuesday
- Prehistoric art: The Neolithic temple builders and their art
- The Roman legacy: Roman art and architecture in Malta
- Visit to the National Museum of Archaeology
3) Wednesday
- The Arab period and its impact on Malta’s culture
- The Medieval period: Art and architecture under the Knights of St. John
- Visit to the Grandmaster’s Palace and Armoury
4) Thursday
- The influence of Italian art on Malta: The works of Caravaggio
- The role of the Church in Maltese art and culture
- Visit to St Johns Co Cathedral built by the Order of St John and home to The Beheading of St John the Baptist by Caravaggio
5) Friday
- Contemporary art in Malta
- The future of Maltese culture: Modernization, preservation, and innovation
- Visit Spazju Kreattiv a contemporary art space in Valletta

- Lessons per week: 30 lessons/week (20 Presentation + 10 Workshop)
- Lesson duration: 1 lesson = 45 minutes
- Minimum age: 21+
- Class size: maximum 12


FELTOMIALC (International Association of Language Centres)

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