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General English + Teacher Training Refresher Course – AM-GT
AM Language

This courses is designed for teachers who would like to refresh their English knowledge and skills, while also get the knowlege about teaching methodology. The recommended approach is a balanced overview of the target language (English), grammar and vocabulary, pronunciation, and fluency development. Participants are given the opportunity to look at their area of interest and how these can be adapted to their own teaching style. The course provides a professional environment to discuss different strategies, techniques and methodologies which can be adapted to suit the needs of different students. Participants will also have the opportunity to explore the use of interactive whiteboards and are encouraged to apply their skills in task-based activities leading to peer teaching exercises.

1) General English Language lessons (20 lessons/week):
- Introduction to the English language and devotes special attention to grammar, vocabulary building, conversation and pronunciation.
- Language development and grammar workshops
2) Teacher Refresher Course (5 individual sessions/week); subjects:
- Comparison of methodology used in your profession vs. ELT Methodology
- Approaches to developing the 4 skills
- Use and integration of interactive whiteboards in the classroom
- Interaction patterns
- Error Correction and Feedback
- Development and exploitation of materials; teaching materials / aids
- Classroom management
- Continuous Professional Development: encouraging in-house and external development

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