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Teaching with Social Media and Audiovisuals – CLZ-NT3
CLIC Centro de Lenguas e Intercambio Cultural

This programme consist of two one-week courses:
1) Innovative Teaching with Social Media
2) Empowering Teachers with Audiovisual Skills

The first course helps teachers effectively use social media platforms to engage with students, parents, and the wider community, enhancing digital communication and learning outcomes. Participation in the second course allows mastering audiovisual skills - teachers then can effectively communicate complex concepts, cater to diverse learning styles, and foster a dynamic, interactive classroom environment.

- To develop an understanding of the benefits and challenges of using social media as a teaching tool.
- To learn how to integrate social media into lesson planning and classroom activities in a safe and ethical manner.
- To understand how to evaluate the effectiveness of social media use in the classroom and adjust teaching practices accordingly.
- To gain practical experience in creating and sharing multimedia content on social media platforms, such as videos, podcasts, and infographics.
- To develop strategies for using social media to foster collaboration and communication among students, both in the classroom and beyond.
- To explore innovative approaches to assessment and feedback using social media, such as peer review and digital portfolios.
- To understand the benefits and challenges of using audio-visual resources in the classroom
- To learn how to design and create effective audio-visual resources for teaching and learning.
- To develop skills in selecting and integrating appropriate multimedia resources into lesson plans.
- To explore different ways to use audio-visual resources to enhance student engagement and motivation.
- To gain knowledge of copyright and ethical issues related to the use of multimedia resources.
- To learn how to use technology and software tools to create and edit audio-visual resources for educational purposes.

1) Digital literacy - Participants will develop digital literacy skills to use various social media platforms effectively and efficiently.
2) Communication and collaboration - Participants will develop communication and collaboration skills to use social media as a tool for promoting group work, peer feedback, and sharing information with parents and caregivers.
3) Technological expertise - Participants will develop technological expertise to use various digital tools and platforms to create and share multimedia content.
4) Risk management - Participants will develop skills in risk management to use social media safely and ethically in the classroom.
5) Innovation - Participants will learn how to use social media to design and implement innovative teaching strategies, such as gamification, personalized learning, and student-centered learning.
6) Cultural awareness - Participants will learn how to use social media to create a safe and respectful learning environment that values diversity and promotes intercultural communication and understanding.
7) Content Creation - Create audio-visual content that supports student learning and enhances the overall classroom experience. An understanding of how to use multimedia to create more interactive lessons that capture their students’ attention and maintain their interest.
8) Technological Proficiency - A strong understanding of the technology used to create and deliver these resources. Comfortable using multimedia software, hardware and online platforms to create and share multimedia resources with their students.
9) Pedagogical Expertise - A deep understanding of how to incorporate multimedia into lesson plans to support specific learning objectives. Skilled in creating instructional designs that are effective, efficient, and aligned with educational goals.
10) Creative Adaptability - Creative in the approach to designing and delivering audio-visual resources. Adapting to new ideas, new technologies, and new methods of teaching, and continually improving the creation of multimedia resources and their use in the classroom.
11) Colaborative Abilities - Proficient working effectively with other teachers, parents and professionals to develop multimedia resources that meet the needs of their students.

Participants will:
- be able to demonstrate an understanding of various social media platforms and their applications.
- be able to implement a comprehensive social media strategy that enhances student engagement, facilitates peer collaboration, and promotes a positive learning environment.
- be able to utilize social media tools to create and curate diverse learning resources, such as videos, images, and articles, that cater to different learning styles and abilities.
- be able to establish online professional learning communities to connect with educators worldwide, fostering collaboration, resource sharing, and continuous professional development.
- be able to build a growth mindset in participants, encouraging them to continuously explore new social media trends and tools to adapt their teaching practices and enhance their professional development.
- be able to create engaging and effective multimedia resources that align with the learning objectives of their lesson plans.
- have a deep understanding of how to integrate multimedia resources into their lesson plans to create cohesive and engaging learning experiences for their students.
- be able to assess the effectiveness of multimedia resources and adjust their teaching accordingly.
- have a strong understanding of the technology used to create and deliver multimedia resources, including software, hardware, and online platforms.
- develop their pedagogical expertise, learning how to incorporate multimedia resources in ways that support specific learning objectives.
- be able to think creatively and adapt their approach to multimedia design and delivery to meet the needs of their students.

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beach games, beach volleyball, bowling *, cycling *, surfing *, water sports *, pływanie

bicycle tours *, boat cruises *, city tour/walk, conversation practice, cooking lessons, cultural activities, guided museum tours, guided walks, orientation tour, pub and restaurant evenings, seminars on various subjects, sightseeng, theme workshops

Bolonia *, Tarifa *, Castle of “Guzmán el Bueno” *, Tavira Tower *, Cádiz

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