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Job Shadowing placement for school staff and teachers – ALP-JS
ALPHA School of English

We offer job shadowing placements in OUR PRIVATE LANGUAGE SCHOOL in St Paul's Bay, Malta in one or more of the following departments:
- Academic
- Administration
- Accommodation / Welfare
*** We also organise job shadowing for other schools (secondary and primary) and educational institutions in Malta, subject to a limited availabilty due to availability, holidays and examination periods.

Job shadowing describes a type of work experience where participants learn about an occupational area of interest by following a competent worker closely in their day-to-day tasks. Participants of this work-based course basically act as a shadow to a number of key workers across a few organisations, learning the daily practices of the company as well as improving their English skills in real-life situations along the way. This course doesn't include language lessons, but we can offer them, if a participant wish to immerse himself further in his language development.

The sample programme below describes a one week job shadowing placement in Alpha School’s various departments as well as two familiarisation visits to other schools where participants will have the opportunity to meet school staff.

Job Shadowing placements are for a minimum of one week to a maximum of two months (8 weeks). Participants who select a job shadowing placement longer than two weeks will be encouraged to take an active role in the organisation where they will be paired with a senior employee at all times.

- Please send an up to date CV with your application.
- Minimal language level: B2.

1) Monday
- Welcome and introduction to School and its staff
- Office Task 1. The morning session will be spent shadowing one member of administrative staff/teacher who will discuss their role within the organisation and go about their normal daily work routine with you
- Office Task 2. The afternoon session will be spent shadowing another member of the team who will introduce you to their work day
* Please feel free to ask questions at any time, both about the work you are observing and also about the English language - i.e. key vocabulary
2) Tuesday
- Office Task 3. The morning session will be spent shadowing a third member of our team and learning about key aspects of their role
- Office Task 4. The afternoon session will involve spending time with a range of employees, including those who you have met already. There may be some tasks that you can undertake yourself
* Please feel free to ask questions at any time, both about the work you are observing and also about the English language - i.e. key vocabulary
3) Wednesday
- Will involve spending time working in another organisation and shadowing employees within this workplace
* Please feel free to ask questions in this organisation too
4) Thursday
- Will see you shadowing employees in yet another organisation
* Please feel free to ask questions in this organisation too
5) Friday
- You will be back at our School where you will discuss your experiences within the other organisations, considering what you have found out and what English skills you have developed
- You will continue to spend time with members of our team, carrying on with the shadowing programme
- Finally you will assess your week, telling us about your whole experience

- Duration: Minimum 1 week, Maximum 8 weeks
- Language level: Minimum B2
- Suitable for: School Principals, Subject Department heads, teacher support / development staff, Administrative Staff, primary and secondary-level teachers (all subjects)
- CV (in English) required

- Course resources
- WiFi on school premises
- Europass Mobility Certificate
- School CEFR Certificate of Attendance
- One off-site training day per week (including entrance ticket to one attraction - Malta National Aquarium or the Malta Experience or Malta 5D or the Domus Romana or St. Paul’s Catacombs)

Przykładowe zajęcia dodatkowe:

adventure sports *, archery *, bilard *, bowling *, canoeing *, climbing *, cycling *, diving *, extreme sports *, horse riding *, kitesurfing *, mountain biking *, mountain hiking *, parachute jumping *, snorkeling *, surfing *, tennis *, water sports *, windsurfing *

bicycle tours *, boat cruises *, city tour/walk, cultural activities, cultural events and festivals, guided city tours *, guided museum tours *, hiking tours - wspinaczka górska *, international evenings, orientation tour, pub and restaurant evenings, school party, sightseeing with a guide *, theatre or cinema visit *

Gozo *, Valetta *, Blue Lagoon and Comino *, Dolphin Interaction Park *, Malta National Aquarium *, Mellieha Water Fun Park *, Mdina *, Sicily *, Dingli Cliffs

* zajęcia dodatkowo płatne


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