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English Language Development – LSM-GN
Link School of English

This course is focusing on mproving language knowledge and understanding of English language teaching methodology and experiencing authentic language, whilst developing learning performance and cultural awareness. This is a General Language Course, available on all levels of language.

- Teachers (primary, secondary, vocational, adult)
- Teacher trainers
- Private Language Tutors
IMPORTANT! This course is not solely for teachers and school staff. People of all proffesions and ages might join this course, depending of their level of language.

1) To improve foreign language competencies through the improvement of course participants’ language knowledge and understanding of English Language Teaching methodology.
2) To introduce course participants to new English Language Teaching methodologies through the means of observation.
3) To improve learning performance through self-reflection on set tasks, and to develop language skills by exploring classroom materials and teaching options.
4) To revisit areas of language which are often problematic and to discover ways to overcome the difficulty.
5) To enhance knowledge of the phonetics and phonology behind the English language.
6) To be given feedback on areas to improve with regard to the English language in all its aspects.
7)To look at the difference between what is taught in class and what is spoken on the streets.
8) To enhance intercultural awareness by forming connections with colleagues from different countries and sharing experiences in an objective developmental environment.
9) For course participants to gain an insight into Maltese culture and heritage through our organized excursions.

1. Communicative approach in practice for English Language learning.
2. Learner-centred lessons tailor-made for the participants.
3. Structured lessons based on engaging, studying and then activating language.
4. Using authentic material for English language development.

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