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Recharging Educational Professionals - A wellbeing workshop for teachers and education staff – ALP-MW
ALPHA School of English

In recent years life has changed dramatically for us all. With increasing pressures in our everyday lives, many of us find that our mental health is being adversely affected. Our families, our jobs, and our social media notifications all seem to take priority over our own well-being and we often neglect our minds and our bodies in the process. This course intends to help you, as a busy professional, to reintroduce some self-awareness into your life, building calmness, happiness, and reflectiveness into your daily routines.

This 5-day course is an exclusive professional development plan that will aid educational professionals to cope with everyday stresses and recapture initial enthusiasm for the profession. Participants will develop a toolkit which comprises of a range of effective strategies by enhancing focus, administering emotions, and expanding vitality levels in an aim of gaining greater satisfaction out of your day by implementing extremely basic techniques and practices in personal and professional life.

Aimed at: Educational staff. It is particularly designed for those people who lead busy and stressful lives and may be finding that their work-life balance is all too often rather unbalanced. We hope that by trying out our diverse package of activities you will be inspired to make some time for yourself when you return to your everyday existence. You will find your laptop and/or tablet device useful when attending this course. Language level: B1.

The broad topics covered in this course include:
- Introduction to Mindfulness
- Happiness and Mindful Pursuits
- Offsite Training Day
- The Power of Silence and Gratitude
- Reflection and Future Practice

1) Monday
- Speaker ‘s brief introduction and personal journey in the practice of mindfulness.
- Participants invited to think, pair with neighbour, and then share (TPS) any previous knowledge of mindfulness. Discussion on resulting group findings. Myth busting. Fact and brief history on mindfulness presentation. Mindfulness breathing and body scan practice.
2) Tuesday
- Invite participants to introduce themselves to each other in pairs and describe one thing that they enjoy doing or that makes them happy – also reasons why they came to the course and what effect it could have in their lives. Participants are invited to then say something brief about their partner and vice versa. Brief discussion on Happiness.
- Main practice - walk to the sea. Listening to the sound of the waves, the sea breathing effortlessly or roughly, personally noticing how the attention moves to sounds of the sea or thoughts. Movement session. In open space on roof - Chi kung rejuvenation longevity session, followed by wind down. Value of attention discussion.
3) Wednesday
- The value of humour, the healing of laughter. How we can laugh at our mistakes and maturely dismiss errors rather than self judge or criticize. Mindful exercise with stretching soft belly breathing.
- Mindfulness drawing. Melt down cooler and closure. Consider 1- 3 things that you are grateful for.
4) Thursday
- Intro to the capacity of our clear mind, silence, creativity. Value of de tox screens and phones. Non –judgemental awareness. Discussion. Real quiet time reflecting on Gratitude. Name 3 things quietly to yourself and start the habit of being grateful for 3 things every day.
- Mindful movement. Yoga or chi kung.
5) Friday
- Mindfulness breathing followed by main exercise of movement and then short silent practice. Listening activity. Calligraphy and or painting. Reflection on now for next. What is the application of mindfulness how can we take this further into our daily life and regular habits and needs.
- Links and apps to further info and reading and practice on Mindfulness.

- Course resources
- WiFi on school premises
- Europass Mobility Certificate
- Certificate of Attendance
- One off-site training day per week (including entrance ticket to one attraction: Malta National Aquarium / the Malta Experience / Malta 5D / the Domus Romana / St. Paul’s Catacombs)

Przykładowe zajęcia dodatkowe:

adventure sports *, archery *, bilard *, bowling *, canoeing *, climbing *, cycling *, diving *, extreme sports *, horse riding *, kitesurfing *, mountain biking *, mountain hiking *, parachute jumping *, snorkeling *, surfing *, tennis *, water sports *, windsurfing *

bicycle tours *, boat cruises *, city tour/walk, cultural activities, cultural events and festivals, guided city tours *, guided museum tours *, hiking tours - wspinaczka górska *, international evenings, orientation tour, pub and restaurant evenings, school party, sightseeing with a guide *, theatre or cinema visit *

Gozo *, Valetta *, Blue Lagoon and Comino *, Dolphin Interaction Park *, Malta National Aquarium *, Mellieha Water Fun Park *, Mdina *, Sicily *, Dingli Cliffs

* zajęcia dodatkowo płatne


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