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English and Project Based Learning – EIC-ND
English in Cyprus

This course will benefit teachers who wish to discover how Project Based learning can be incorporated into their classroom. It is an engaging, hands-on course, designed for participants to gain understanding on what Project based Learning is, which tools are best for integrating it into their lessons, how to monitor and assess students using PBL as well as how to design projects suitable for their students.

- To introduce the key concepts of PBL and issues in PBL
- To understand the details and processes required to create a PBL experience
- To help develop participants’ skills in implementing PBL in their own classroom
- Participants to explore create and share PBL
- To take away their own and a model project
- To inspire and support them in their PBL classroom.

- On-line Language Level Assessment
- Needs Analysis
- Online resources and reading material
- Cultural heritage information

- Course Tutor
- Pedagogic Learning Materials Included
- Exchange of Best Practice
- Participants’ Evaluation Feedback
- Pastoral Care, 24 hr Emergency Number
- Optional Cultural Activities and Visits

- Europass Mobility
- Post-Course Facebook Forum
- A Certificate of Attendance and Achievement

We focus on practical activities as well as input sessions to introduce knowledge concepts and strategies. By the end of this course, students will have gained greater insight into PBL and how to integrate it into their lessons. They will become more confident in their own designing of material, and of creating tasks to enable their students to explore, analyse, design, create and understand the world around them. They will take away project ideas and understand how assessment strategies can be implemented. In addition, course participants will walk away with a working PBL model with all the necessary components needed to carry out their project at their own school.

A) Language
The key concept is communication. We use task based, collaborative and humanistic approaches to create a positive learning environment where the focus is on practical classroom activities. All aspects of English language skills are covered – speaking, listening, reading, writing and mediation, as well as pronunciation vocabulary and grammar activities through a variety of mediums. Lessons provided in international gropups, consisting of people of different ages and professions, on the same level of language.
B) Project Based Learning
- Understanding the key concepts of PBL and the essential project design elements.
- Looking at the 21st Century skills: creativity collaboration critical thinking and communication
- Integrating the four skills in PBL
- Managing pair and group work and how collaboration is key and critical
- Developing projects for classrooms and looking at the wide variety of activities that can be implemented in PBL
- Strategies for assessing students in a PBL environment
- Integrating technology in PBL and looking at web tools

1) Monday
- Welcome
- Testing and Evaluation
- Icebreaker- Team builder game
- Intensive English
- What is PBL? Why PBL? Benefits and Key concepts of PBL
2) Tuesday
- Intensive English
- Understanding the Seven Essential Project Design Elements
- Managing pair and group work
3) Wednesday
- Intensive English
- Creating a PBL project
4) Thursday
- Intensive English
- Continue creating a PBL project
- Integrating assessment to measure student understanding
5) Friday
- Intensive English
- Creating a detailed PBL project topic.
- Presentation of projects
- Course review

SATURDAY OR SUNDAY: Full Day Excursion (included in Two-Week Course (optional for 1-wk course)

6) Monday
- Intensive English
- 21st century skills. Integrating the four skills in PBL for the language classroom
7) Tuesday
- Intensive English
- PBL topic ideas and discussion on developing them
- Workshop Developing PBL projects for your class
8) Wednesday
- Intensive English
- Integrating technology into PBL
- Developing PBL projects for your class
9) Thursday
- Intensive English
- Developing PBL projects for your class
10) Friday
- Intensive English
- Presentation of participants projects
- Course evaluation

- Morning: 4 x 45 minutes (3 hours): Intensive English
- Afternoon: 2 x 45 minutes (1 hours 30 minutes): PBL
- First week: Intensive English
- Second week: PBL

- Enhancement of English language skills reading writing listening and speaking
- Feel more confident using English by improving accuracy and fluency
- Increased confidence in initiating, developing and implementing PBL in the classroom
- Greater Understaning of students’ and how to maximize on learner outcomes
- Increased knowledge of Cypriot history and culture

Przykładowe zajęcia dodatkowe:

beach games, beach volleyball, bowling *, climbing *, diving *, extreme sports *, horse riding *, kitesurfing *, mountain biking *, mountain hiking, snorkeling, surfing *, water sports, windsurfing *, go-karting *

boat cruises *, cinema afternoon/evening, city tour/walk, conversation practice, cultural activities, cultural events and festivals, dance lessons/workshops, dinner in a typical restaurant *, film evenings, games nights, guided museum tours, guided walks, international evenings, jeep safari *, live music / music nights, museum visits, orientation tour, shopping, sightseeng, theme workshops, visits to music festivals, escape room *

Traditional Village Excursion *, Kalidania Waterfalls *, Agia Napa *, Akamas Jeep Safari *, Sparti Adventure Park *, Omodos Mountain Village *, Nicosia *, Limassol Zoo *, Donkey Farm *, Camel Park *

* zajęcia dodatkowo płatne


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