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Teaching grammar – IHL-T4
IH London

This is both a practical and theoretical course. Much of class time will be spent exploring different approaches to teaching grammar and discussing the strengths and weaknesses of each one. During the week we will also look at some of the key areas and issues in grammar teaching, suchas teacher knowledge about grammar, issues with pedagogic rules, the impact of testing and assessment, the difference between spoken and written grammar, and issues with the traditional separation of grammar and lexis. Some sessions will be in the form of workshops, where we would like you to work with your fellow teachers to create, evaluate and adapt grammar focused materials so that they better meet the needs of your students.

The course is suitable for experienced teachers looking for new ideas to approach teaching grammar creatively.

By the end of this course you will have:
- explored various methods of teaching grammar creatively
- developed new teaching techniques to teach English grammar in an engaging way
- increased your confidence in teaching grammar
- explored the principles underpinning different approaches to grammar teaching
- developed techniques to assess learners’ grammar skills

a) Morning sessions
- Session 1: Approaches to teaching grammar and teacher knowledge
- Session 2: Exploring grammar in texts and looking at rules and reasons
- Session 3: Grammar and the lexical system
- Session 4: Designing consciousness-raising and practice exercises
- Session 5: TBLT and working with learner language
b)Afternoon sessions
- Session 1: Techniques for clarifying meaning and use
- Session 2: Developing learner autonomy and study skills
- Session 3: Spoken vs written grammar
- Session 4: Assessing learner’s grammar skills
- Session 5: Grammar games and ICT
* Please note this is a proposed course outline and that the content of sessions can be negotiated to suit the needs of the group.

LESSON TIMES: usually 12:15-16:15 from Monday to Friday


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