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General English plus English for Business – SGC-B
St. Giles International

Our school offers General English plus English for Business group lessons, which help students to improve their English and also develop specific English skills for a business environment, such as giving presentations, writing reports and compiling emails. This course combines 20 morning lessons of General English with 8 afternoon lessons focusing on English for Business every week.

General English:
- Needs analysis; speaking and writing –significant times of the year
- Grammar – linking expressions; Speaking – structuring a personal experience
- Reading – mobile phones
- Functional language – giving advice
Business English:
- Speaking and writing – creating a customer profile
- Reading and vocabulary – how to present effectively
General English:
- Grammar – obligation and ability
- Pronunciation – review of consonant sounds; connected speech
- Vocabulary – phrasal verbs for relationships
- Listening – a success story
Business English:
- Writing – a product pitch
- Speaking – giving presentations
General English:
- Vocabulary and speaking - travel
- Reading – a TV presenter’s experience
- Grammar – present perfect simple and continuous
- Writing - a CV
Business English:
- Reading and vocabulary – communicating in the workplace
- Speaking – effective communication
General English:
- Vocabulary, speaking and reading –music
- Reading – London in music
- Vocabulary and speaking – describing situations and feelings
- Grammar – wishes and regrets
Business English:
- Functional language - complaining
- Reading, listening and speaking – complaining about a lack of communication
General English:
- Listening and reading – travellers’ experiences
- Vocabulary – weather Functional language – making descriptions more precise
- Speaking - entertainment

Przykładowe zajęcia dodatkowe:

bowling *, piłka nożna, pływanie *, yoga, dance classes

art and craft workshops, city tour/walk, concerts *, dance lessons/workshops *, dinner in a typical restaurant, football matches, guided museum tours, international evenings, international food day, joga, karaoke, museum visits, orientation tour, pub and restaurant evenings, salsa dance lessons, musicals *, book club

Leeds *, Canterbury *, White Cliffs of Dover *, Stonehenge *, Bath *

* zajęcia dodatkowo płatne


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