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CLIL Teacher Training Course – AM-CLI
AM Language

The Introduction to CLIL Teacher Training Course offers in-service teachers the theory and background of the CLIL teaching approach as well as analysis and practical methodology to integrate in the classroom. These courses are aimed at in-service teachers in the primary, secondary and vocational sectors who are already working withCLIL or who are about to apply CLIL in their teaching methodology.

- What is CLIL?
- The 5 Cs of CLIL
- The CLIL Approach
- Case studies and analysis of CLIL
- Practical assignment preparation
- Features and Benefits of CLIL
- Learner Autonomy & Interaction
- Presentations
- Bloom’s Wheel and choosing the right task words
- Video Analysis and Reflection

1) Monday
- An introduction to CLIL; What is CLIL?
- Features and Benefits of CLIL; Progress of CLIL
- The 5 C’s Content
2) Tuesday
- The 5 Cs continued: Communication Competences
- The 5 Cs continued: Community Cognition
- Bloom’s Wheel and choosing the right task words
3) Wednesday
- The CLIL Approach Background, ZPD and Scaffolding
- Learner Autonomy and Interaction
- Video Analysis and Reflection
4) Thursday
- Case studies
- Assessing students
- Practical assignment preparation
5) Friday
- Practical assignment preparation
- Presentations
- Presentations feedbacks

Przykładowe zajęcia dodatkowe:

adventure sports *, beach games, beach volleyball, diving *, surfing *, water sports *, pływanie

boat cruises *, cinema afternoon/evening, city tour/walk, cultural activities, cultural events and festivals, disco, film evenings, international evenings, museum visits *, orientation tour, pub and restaurant evenings

Mdina *, Gozo & Comino *, Blue Grotto *, Three Cities *, Valetta *

* zajęcia dodatkowo płatne

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