język angielski na Malcie

Teacher Training Refresher Course – AM-T
AM Language

Our course is designed for teachers who would like to refresh their English knowledge and skills. It provides a professional environment to discuss different strategies, techniques and methodologies, which can be adapted to suit the needs of different students. The recommended approach is a balanced overview of the target language (English), grammar and vocabulary, pronunciation, and fluency development. Participants are given the opportunity to look at their area of interest and how these can be adapted to their own teaching style. Participants will also have the opportunity to explore the use of interactive whiteboards and are encouraged to apply their skills in task-based activities leading to peer teaching exercises.

- Comparison of methodology used in your profession vs. ELT Methodology
- Approaches to developing the 4 skills
- Language development and grammar workshops
- Use and integration of IWB in the classroom
- Interaction patterns
- Lesson planning
- Differentiation of Materials
- Error Correction and Feedback
- Motivation
- Course-book-led courses / syllabus-restricted courses;
- Development and exploitation of teaching materials / aids
- Grammar and Vocabulary
- Classroom management
- Continuous Professional Development: encouraging in-house and external development

1) Monday
- Ice-Breakers “English Mania”
- Fluency Development Social
- Culture “Surprising Malta” Reading skills
2) Tuesday
- Exploring ELT language teaching methodologies E.S.A
- Vocabulary Clinic
- Simulation Problem solving Activity
3) Wednesday
- English Pronunciation
- Phrasal verbs clinic
- Developing Listening skills
4) Thursday
- Topic Based language work –Travel
- English pronunciation
- Classroom management problems and solutions
5) Friday
- Social Media, Reading lesson, Language work Discussion
- Developing listening skills - Cinematic listening
- Website share Course reflection and wrap up

Przykładowe zajęcia dodatkowe:

adventure sports *, beach games, beach volleyball, diving *, surfing *, water sports *, pływanie

boat cruises *, cinema afternoon/evening, city tour/walk, cultural activities, cultural events and festivals, disco, film evenings, international evenings, museum visits *, orientation tour, pub and restaurant evenings

Mdina *, Gozo & Comino *, Blue Grotto *, Three Cities *, Valetta *

* zajęcia dodatkowo płatne

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