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English for Engineers – ELC-PS
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This is a 2-week course of 30 lessons per week (22.5 hours) with a maximum of 8 participants. Each course is designed by the trainer to meet the needs of its participants and is therefore a unique package, targeted to improve business performance in English. There is a focus on using English in your daily work and on communication skills for engineers: eg. describing processes and performance, discussing technical drawings, explaining complex ideas Trainers use presentations, case studies, workshops and role-play simulations. Some sessions are filmed for detailed analysis and feedback. Use of our computerised Language Laboratory focuses on pronunciation and intonation and participants have free access to our self-study centre outside their lesson times. Recommended for: engineers or people with an engineering background who use, or will need to use English in their daily job.

Course Content and Outcomes. By the end of the course you will be able to use English more confidently in your daily work and communicate more effectively in the technical and business areas that were focussed on. The course is based on a detailed Needs Analysis that begins prior to arrival and is reviewed continuously throughout the two weeks. The content is therefore flexible, but a typical course will include:
- Discussion skills and participating in meetings
- Explaining complex ideas and giving technical instructions
- Making presentations
- Telephoning and e-mailing
- Technical writing
- Have a greater sensitivity to different business cultures
- Deal with clients, customers and colleagues in English with more competently and confidently

Sample Timetable
1) Day one. Introduction to the course and school. Needs Analysis. Initial presentation. Practicing discussions skills/
2) Day two. Describing processes & procedures. Language classes. Case study: A real technical process.
3) Day three. Business Skills: E-mailing. Internet resources: Technical English on the web. Discussion skills.
4) Day four. Business Skills: Meetings. Role-play: Meeting simulation. Workshops on listening.
5) Day five. Business Skills: Presentations. Role-play: Technical problems.
6) Day six. Course review: Reassessing needs and objectives. Workshop: Technical writing. Guided discussion on modern technology. Language skills and developing technical vocabulary.
7) Day seven. Presenting technical data in meetings. Presentation workshops and individual presentations.
8) Day eight. Business Skills:Telephoning. Workshops on pronunciation. Role-play practice.
9) Day nine. Business Skills: Socialising. Intercultural awareness. Grammar practice.
10) Day ten. Problem-solving and decision-making. Final role-play: Problem solving meeting. Course review.

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cinema afternoon/evening *, city tour/walk, conversation practice, film evenings, football matches *, guided museum tours *, international evenings, museum visits *, orientation tour, pub and restaurant evenings, theatre or cinema visit *

Seven Sisters *, Arundel *, Stonehenge *, Canterbury *, London *, Oxford *, Stratford Upon Avon *, Bath *, Lewes Castles *, Warner Bros Studios *

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