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Creativity And Motivation In The Classroom With Teacher Language Development – EAS-Z
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Do you feel that you need fresh and creative ideas to stimulate and motivate your learners? Do you feel that your course book is sometimes dull and needs bringing to life? At the same time, do you feel that your own spoken English is getting a bit rusty and you would like to reactivate it? Would you like to learn new "in" words and expressions in English, everyday idioms and a host of other areas to bring your current English up-to- date? If your answer to these questions is "Yes!" then come and join us!

Teachers of English working with secondary school students or adult learners. Although materials and course content are in English, nearly all the ideas and techniques are easily transferable to the teaching of other foreign languages and the course is therefore also suitable for teachers of other foreign languages. Participants need a minimum English language level of B2 (Upper Intermediate).

Teachers attending this course must have a minimum level of B2-C2 (Upper Intermediate – Proficiency).

By the end of the course you will have:
- Developed your ability to teach grammar, vocabulary and the four skills in creative, engaging and motivating ways.
- Enriched and increased your store of words, expressions and phrases which form part of modern, current, everyday English.
- Reactivated and strengthened your own English language speaking fluency and pronunciation skills.
- Developed your linguistic and intercultural awareness.

Topics covered in our Creativity and Motivation in the Classroom with Teacher Language Development course include:
- Creative and engaging warmers
- Teaching grammar engagingly and creatively
- Teaching vocabulary engagingly and creatively
- Teaching pronunciation engagingly and creatively
- Creative and engaging ways of exploiting reading and listening texts
- Creative and engaging ways of developing speaking and writing skills
- Language games
- Using music and songs
- Storytelling
- Vocabulary enrichment: idiomatic and current English language words and expressions.
Topics can be adapted depending on participants’ professional needs and teaching contexts.

1) Monday:
- Forming the group Ice breakers and Warmers
- Culture: Teaching in different countries
- Culture: Malta orientation
2) Tuesday:
- Teacher Language Development: Pronunciation, Stress and connected speech, Speaking Fluency
- Teaching Grammar Creatively
3) Wednesday:
- Teaching pronunciation creatively - Integrating pronunciation into everyday teaching
- Creative Techniques with Reading Texts
4) Thursday:
- Top Tips for using basic technology in the classroom
5) Friday:
- Teacher Language Development: Speaking Fluency Vocabulary and New words in English
- Creative Speaking: Engaging speaking fluency and Activities - Scaffolding speaking


6) Monday:
- Teacher language development: Words words words!
- Teaching Vocabulary Engagingly: Vocabulary teaching workshop
7) Tuesday:
- Engaging writing: Scaffolding writing
- Creative ideas for dialogues
8) Wednesday:
- Creative Grammar: Grammar for the heart, mind and spirit
- Storytelling techniques
9) Thursday:
- Teacher language development: Speaking fluency topics
- Creative techniques for using songs
10) Friday:
- Teacher language development: Vocabulary Galore!
- Language games for motivation
- Course reflection, certificates and goodbyes

- Lessons per week: 45 clock hours per two-week course (22.5 hours per one-week course)
- Lesson duration: 1 lesson = 45 minutes
- Minimum age: 21+
- Class size: maximum 12

Przykładowe zajęcia dodatkowe:

bowling *, cycling *, diving *, horse riding *, surfing *, windsurfing *

boat cruises *, boat party *, cheese & wine tasting *, city tour/walk, conversation practice, cultural activities, dinner in a typical restaurant *, international evenings, jeep safari *, museum visits, pronunciation lessons/workshops, pub and restaurant evenings, school party, theatre or cinema visit *, wine tasting *

Mdina *, Valetta *, Gozo *, Comino *, Blue Lagoon *, Sicily *

* zajęcia dodatkowo płatne


FELTOMIALC (International Association of Language Centres)

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