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Go IWB! - Interactive Teaching and Learning on the Interactive White Board – ALP-NT2
ALPHA School of English

This practical and informative course has been designed with innovative classroom practitioners in mind. It will introduce you to IWBs if you are a first-time user and help you to improve your skills if you already have some experience of these exciting teaching tools.

Our skilled Teacher Trainers will demonstrate how the ActivInspire Studio computer programme, along with Promethean Projectors, can be used to plan creative and interactive lessons for a modern and technology-savvy audience. You will have daily opportunities to use these tools for yourself and you will work with others to create interesting and interactive activities. This course will really allow you to flex your creative muscles.

Aimed at: School Principals, Subject Department heads, teacher support and development staff, primary and secondary-level teachers (all subjects). English level: Intermediate (B1). Please feel free to bring your own laptop with you, especially if you use a different IWB programme to ActivInspire Studio at your school. If you do not/cannot bring your own laptop, find out if you can access your school’s IWB programme from elsewhere (there will be an access code/password). It is also recommended that you bring some of your existing paper-based classroom resources (worksheets; course books etc.) with you for use on this course.

The broad topics covered in this course include:
- Introduction to the IWB
- Media on the IWB
- Lesson Planning on the IWB
- Presentation and Next Steps

1) Monday
- Intro to the IWB. What is an IWB? Getting to know what an IWB can do and how it can assist classroom teachers. Why use an IWB?
- Teaching and learning in the 21st Century - its appeal to a modern audience.
- What’s available? IWB packages on the market and compatible programmes/resources.
- The Basics on the IWB. Turning the IWB on and getting started with ActivInspire Studio, our in-house IWB programme. Writing on the board and setting background colours. Manipulating text styles and colours. Adding shapes and manipulating them. Deleting, erasing and editing. Adding pages and saving documents.
- Discussing how you could use The Basics in your teaching and then putting this into practice by planning and carrying out a simple teaching activity on ActivInspire Studio with your classroom peers.
2) Tuesday
- Media on the IWB. Inserting, manipulating and editing a range of media and links from a number of locations on ActivInspire Studio: photos, videos, sound files and other documents from your laptop and the Internet.
- Discussing how you could use media items in your teaching and then by creating your own multimedia files (i.e. video footage). Produce a teaching tool for use in the classroom (this will be shared with the group).
3) Wednesday
- Fun and Games on the IWB. Understanding some of the tricks and ideas for creating fun language activities for students.
- Appreciating how conventional ‘boring’ paper-based exercises can be made more interactive using the IWB. Investigating how the IWB can also complement paper-based resources
- Work with a partner or in a small group to create and present a fun activity to the class. Assessing each activity, discussing its merits and how it could be improved or evolved.
4) Thursday
- Lesson Planning on the IWB. Understanding how ActivInspire Studio can be used to create a whole lesson plan, using the elements that have been covered on previous days and how this could save you time long-term
- Practical element - randomly pick a teaching/grammar focus and work in small groups to develop a 15-minute lesson on ActivInspire Studio, along with any additional supporting materials/resources. Once planned, share your ideas with the group or even teach the content of your lesson to the class. Feedback will be given.
5) Friday
- Next Steps on the IWB. Assessing the pros and cons of IWBs in your teaching. Assessing the use of IWBs in your institution.
- Develop and create your own personal activities/lesson plans with ActivInspire Studio (or your own IWB programme) using the resources that you use in your own institution. Utilise this planning forum to discuss and share ideas with your peers, as well as get expert advice from your tutor. This will be an invaluable element of the course, giving you precious time to think and plan creative and interactive lessons in a relaxed, yet professional, environment.

- Course resources
- WiFi on school premises
- Europass Mobility Certificate
- Certificate of Attendance
- One off-site training day per week (including entrance ticket to one attraction: Malta National Aquarium / the Malta Experience / Malta 5D / the Domus Romana / St. Paul’s Catacombs)

Przykładowe zajęcia dodatkowe:

adventure sports *, archery *, bilard *, bowling *, canoeing *, climbing *, cycling *, diving *, extreme sports *, horse riding *, kitesurfing *, mountain biking *, mountain hiking *, parachute jumping *, snorkeling *, surfing *, tennis *, water sports *, windsurfing *

bicycle tours *, boat cruises *, city tour/walk, cultural activities, cultural events and festivals, guided city tours *, guided museum tours *, hiking tours - wspinaczka górska *, international evenings, orientation tour, pub and restaurant evenings, school party, sightseeing with a guide *, theatre or cinema visit *

Gozo *, Valetta *, Blue Lagoon and Comino *, Dolphin Interaction Park *, Malta National Aquarium *, Mellieha Water Fun Park *, Mdina *, Sicily *, Dingli Cliffs

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