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Fluency and English Language Development for Educational Staff – ETI-GN
Executive Training Institute

This 2-week intensive course is ideal if you are looking to develop your English language and communication skills. This course is specifically designed to promote your participation and interaction so that you will improve your fluency and learn to communicate more easily and confidently. The sessions are hands-on and will involve discussions about current affairs and topics of general interest, using brainstorming, problem-solving tasks and role-play in both pair-work and group-work activities. The use of multimedia, the internet and authentic material, such as current affair websites and journals, generates stimulating discussions and a professional environment for you to practise and improve your English. When following the two week programme, you will have more time to develop your fluency as well as look into a wider variety of areas and topics such as using the English language for classroom management, presentation skills and more. You will also have an opportunity to work on any weaknesses you and your trainer might identify.

This course is ideal for teachers, tutors, trainers and/or educators who wish to develop their fluency and communicaTon skills to express themselves more easily and more confidently in English. We assess each participant, thereby ensuring that the course is at the right level for you. Those at a lower level will join a General English course which will include modules with a focus on language development and hands-on practice of speaking and listening skills in English.

Participants on this course programme will receive:
- A pre-course questionnaire which will enable trainers to learn about the participants' backgrounds
- An online test to help stream teachers into suitable levels
- Information about the Europass Mobility Certificate

- To further develop participants’ own language skills, with particular focus on fluency in English
- To improve language knowledge in grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation
- To develop other practical communication skills, such as listening
- To exchange pedagogical information and knowledge in a multi-cultural context
- To experience the cultural heritage of Malta with its bilingual linguistic environment

An interactve communicative approach is applied, which provides participants with experiental learning. Participants develop their fluency through discussion about current affairs and topics of general interest. Input sessions are in the form of hands-on workshops or discussions for fluency work, and involve brainstorming, analysis, problem-solving, and role play, both in pair-work and group work. Participants are asked to reflect on the activities, inviting discussion with regard to their own pedagogical knowledge and skills, teaching methods and contexts. Participants are actively involved in the sessions to maximize their learning and to experience activities from their learners’ point of view.

- The course ends with an evaluation session, where teachers are asked to reflect upon the value of the knowledge gained on the course.
- They are also encouraged in this session to come up with a Personal Development Action Plan to further their development.
- They are invited to join the our Teacher Training Facebook community, which allows networking and contact with the trainers and fellow colleagues, and with participants from other courses.

1) Monday
- Introductions Icebreaker/Getting to Know You Needs Analysis and Setting Objectives
- Topic-Based Discussion: Travel
- Language Clinic
2) Tuesday
- Fluency Development: Social Communication
- Simulation Activity
- Activity-based Grammar
3) Wednesday
- The Sounds of English - Pronunciation: Problem Sounds and Word Stress
- Topic-Based Discussion: Maltese Culture
- Swapshop - Comparing Educational Systems
4) Thursday
- Increasing your Vocabulary Range
- Thinking about Differences 1 – Stereotypes
- Social Programme
5) Friday
- Using Prasal Verbs
- Developing Complexity in Grammar Structures
- Discussion: Ethics


6) Monday
- Swapshop: Useful Websites
- A Case Study: Task-Based Learning
- Error Analysis and Remedial Grammar
7) Tuesday
- Thinking about Differences 2 - Gender Roles
- The Sound of English - Pronunciation: Intonation and Sentence Stress
- Project Work: Task - Based Learning
8) Wednesday
- Developing Listening Skills – Micro-listening
- Listening Skills/Discussion: Current Affairs
- Thinking about Differences 3 - Maltese Culture
9) Thursday
- The Language of Classroom Management
- Presentations: Leisure Time and Hobbes
- Social Programme
10) Friday
- Discovery Learning – Colloquial and Idiomatic English
- Fluency Development: Interaction and Strategies
- Course Evaluation and Wrap Up

- Tuition /Training (2 weeks) over 10 training days
- Social Programme including Half Day Guided Tours (to Malta’s Capital City Valletta + to the old Medieval City of Mdina)
- Airport Transfers : Shuttle Airport Transfers Arrival + Departure; from/to Malta Airport to /from Accommodation (when booked through our school only!)
- Mobility Euro Pass Certificate
- End-of-Course Certificate

- The School will be closed on public holidays. The schedule for the week including a public holiday will be adjusted to make up the lost training hours on the public holiday on that particular week.
- A social programme including weekly cultural guided tours will be confirmed every Monday. Participation on any activities is optional.
- Classes normally runs from 9:00-14:30 with two brakes. Number of lessons: 22,5 hours (1 lesson=60 min) + 2.5 hours of E learning self- study (5 homework on-line links; lessons about Malta, to cover the cultural aspects) + cultural tours. Therefore thw certificate lists 25 hours/week. If someone misses any lessons, eg 1.5h, it will show ‘ 23.5 hours out of 25 hours.

Przykładowe zajęcia dodatkowe:

diving *, golf *, mountain hiking

boat cruises *, city tour/walk, conversation practice, country walk/trekking, cultural activities, guided city tours, international evenings, orientation tour, pub and restaurant evenings, sightseeng

Valetta *, Megalithic temples *, Hypogeum Temple *, Mdina *, The Three Cities *, Blue Grotto *, Marsaxlokk *, Gozo *

* zajęcia dodatkowo płatne


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