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Refresher Course for Non-Native Teachers – CLC-T

The Professional Development Course for Teachers of English aims to meet teachers’ professional needs in all aspects of English language teaching. Teachers complete a needs analysis questionnaire which helps our highly qualified team of teacher trainers to design the programme to suit their objectives and interests. The course provides a balanced programme of methodology, classroom resourcing, current theory, cultural exposure and language enrichment. As a teacher of English, one can expect a challenging learning experience which updates and refreshes your teaching. The course is practical and provides teachers with new activities, new skills and new techniques. Our team of dedicated teacher trainers focuses on practical ideas and techniques in the language classroom and participants are given the opportunity to thoroughly examine developments in language teaching. Participants are also introduced to Irish Life and Culture through a series of lectures, visits and excursions.

Refresher courses are designed for non-native teachers of English (Primary and Secondary Teachers) who wish to improve their professional skills and English language competence.

- Language Awareness and Analysis
- Classroom Management and Lesson Planning
- Developing Reading, Listening, Writing, Speaking and Vocabulary Skills and Strategies
- Current Issues in Methodology, Materials Evaluation and Development
- Use of Authentic Material, Games and Technology in the classroom

1) Monday
- Orientation,
- Warmers and Icebreakers.
- The Role of the Teacher, Teaching EFL to Children and Adults, What makes a good language learner.
- Walking Tour of Cork City and Elizabeth Fort.
2) Tuesday
- Lesson Planning, Classroom Management, Modern Approaches and Methods,
- Overview of teaching basic communication.
- Experimental Learning Cycle and Lexical Approach teaching Vocabulary.
- Teacher Development.
3) Wednesday
- Developing Pronunciation and Intonation.
- Motivating Children and Adults to learn English. Classroom language.
- Pre-Teaching and Concept checking.
- Video and DVD. Pair Work/Group Work. Roleplay.
- Visit to Cork City Gaol and Museum.
4) Thursday
- Teaching Grammar with fun learning games. Focus on writing and developing listening skills,
- Micro teaching, language consolidation.
- Teaching writing skills.
5) Friday
- How to teach English, Video Techniques, websites and resources.
- How to use the internet and including video clips.
- Dealing with discipline, error correction.
- Teaching listening skills,
- Slang and Idioms.


6) Monday
- Learner Motivation, Self access Centre.
- How to concept check effectively, Observation skills.
- Young learners Culture and language.
- Teaching multi-level classes.
- Seminar: Questions on Ireland.
7) Tuesday
- Humour in the classroom,
- Speaking skills - How to get teenagers talking.
- How to create a good atmosphere in Class,.
- The future in ELT.
8) Wednesday
- Micro teaching/Observation.
- Using flashcards/Pronunciation/Intonation/Stress/Tongue Twisters.
9) Thursday
- ESL Teaching and Learning methods. Special interests,
- Benefits of using drama in the classroom.
- Cobh Heritage Centre / Irish life and Culture.
10) Friday
- Strategic competence. Testing and evaluation, Course Planning.
- Personalising language learning and Language Review.

1) Timetable: Monday – Friday + 2 Cultural afternoons
2) Hours per week: 20 tuition hours + 2 cultural afternoons
3) Group size: 8 – 10 (Maximum 15)
4) Course materials are not included in the price.

Przykładowe zajęcia dodatkowe:

bilard *, bowling *, ice scating *, paintball *

cinema afternoon/evening *, city tour/walk, conversation practice, country walk/trekking, cultural events and festivals, dance lessons/workshops, drama workshops, film evenings, guided city tours *, guided museum tours *, international evenings, karaoke *, laser quest *, live music / music nights *, museum visits, orientation tour, pub and restaurant evenings, sightseeng, theatre or cinema visit *, theme workshops, visit to a brewery *, walking tour, klub książki, wyścigi psów *

West Cork *, Kerry *, Cork Harbour *, Whale Wathing Trip *

* zajęcia dodatkowo płatne


ACELS (Accreditation and Coordination of English Language Services)CSN (Centrala Studiemedelsnamnden Sweden)EQUALSIALC (International Association of Language Centres)M.E.I (Marketing English in Ireland)

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