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Practical Teacher – IHL-T3
IH London

Our Practical Teacher course will introduce you to new techniques and approaches that you can use in the classroom. The course is an activity- based programme and examples include:
- Activities to develop listening, speaking, reading and writing
- Selecting and exploiting materials
- Activities for teaching pronunciation
- Teaching using a task-based learning approach
- Using student mistakes to aid understanding
- Dealing with emerging language and reformulation
- Introducing and practising new language: grammar, vocabulary, function
- Integrating new technologies into language learning
- Using songs, games and videos
- Preparing students for examinations
- Dictogloss and dictation activities
*** The course content will be chosen between your course group and tutor. You can include other topics not mentioned above.

One of our most popular courses, this course is for teachers who want a practical programme that covers developing resources, practical ideas and methods to liven up classrooms and motivate students.

Take this course to:
- Select, adapt and design materials for different contexts
- Build your confidence in using a variety of teaching techniques
- Understand ways to motivate and engage learners
- Share teaching experiences with other professionals

1) Monday
- Ice-breakers. Getting to know your activities
- Course objectives and your teaching context
- Course administration
- Library tour
- SAC induction
2) Tuesday
- The phonemic chart. How to teach it. Practice activities
- Language from a text
- Demo lesson. Analysis of procedure and methodology.
3) Wednesday
- Practical ideas for developing writing skills
4) Thursday
- Using technology in the language classroom
5) Friday
- Using songs for language learning
- Practical demonstrations and workshop session to exchange ideas on songs that you use


6) Monday
- Using authentic films and TV programmes for language learning
- Demonstration of selected techniques for incorporating them in your teaching followed by opportunity to share your ideas
7) Tuesday
- Developing speaking skills
- Demo lesson (Pyramid discussion)
- Analysis of procedure and methodology
8) Wednesday
- Exploiting student errors
- Dealing with emerging language and reformulation as well as error correction techniques
9) Thursday
- Dictogloss and other dictation activities
- Other resources: Eg Mini, Whiteboards, Cuisenaire rods
10) Friday
- Games with aims for language learning
- Practical demonstrations and workshop session to exchange ideas on songs and games that you use
- End of course review and certificates

LESSON TIMES: usually 9:00-12:00 from Monday to Friday

Przykładowe zajęcia dodatkowe:

bilard *, bowling *, cycling *, fitness *, ice scating *, sport in park, sports tournament, tennis *

bicycle tours *, boat cruises *, city tour/walk, concerts *, conversation practice, cultural activities, cultural events and festivals, guided city tours *, international evenings, museum visits, orientation tour, sightseeng, theatre or cinema visit *, walking tour

The London Eye *, British Museum, National Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum, Royal Academy of Arts, Science Museum, Brighton *, Cambridge *, Oxford *

* zajęcia dodatkowo płatne


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